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marvel: steve x tony 9 [NC17] by hayatecrawford
Mature content
marvel: steve x tony 9 [NC17] :iconhayatecrawford:hayatecrawford 142 17
[Steve/Tony] Sub/Dom by shadowfree99
Mature content
[Steve/Tony] Sub/Dom :iconshadowfree99:shadowfree99 1,087 72
Put on the suit by DrSnipersMagic
Mature content
Put on the suit :icondrsnipersmagic:DrSnipersMagic 314 41
KurtJMac- Astronaut by Not-the-killer KurtJMac- Astronaut :iconnot-the-killer:Not-the-killer 8 4 Abstract No. 1 by Not-the-killer Abstract No. 1 :iconnot-the-killer:Not-the-killer 2 0 Kurtjmac and Wolfie by Not-the-killer Kurtjmac and Wolfie :iconnot-the-killer:Not-the-killer 4 2 The War was in Color by Not-the-killer The War was in Color :iconnot-the-killer:Not-the-killer 1 0 Valentine Stony 2013 by Shards-of-Divinity Valentine Stony 2013 :iconshards-of-divinity:Shards-of-Divinity 93 4
The Avengers - Proper incentive
"No, not like that! Slide your finger!"
"I'm trying!"
"Slide it, I said, slide it!!"
Tony was standing behind Steve, clinging to his back. He was trying to instruct the blonde how to use a holographic screen and was failing miserably. He wasn't a patient teacher and Steve, despite that he tried his best, was not the best student. And Tony's impatient growls, didn't help either.
"Just put your finger on the cat's picture, gently, don't tap, and slide it to the side to move it!" he instructed him for the thousand times. Steve was struggling. It was hard to tell how much pressure he can apply to the screen as he was not used to this. He tried again, placing his finger on the cat's nose, but Tony made him nervous and his finger flinched, which resulted in enlarging the picture. Again. Tony groaned, leaning his head on Steve's shoulder. Steve sighed, giving up.
"I think we should stop here, Tony" he said, not wanting to continue.
"No, you will do it right even if it is going to kill me!" To
:iconlemonlollipop:lemonlollipop 25 40
Mature content
Theme Prompt - Hesitation (mature) :iconremanth:remanth 68 29
Tony's heart was beating quickly, pounding at his ribcage as he waited for Steve to answer. He hid the panic and fear behind a cheerful and charming face, hoping that he wouldn't be let down. Rapidly rethinking their interactions for the past few weeks, Tony thought he saw a pattern and a definite interest there. But, his worries whispered, it could just be the polite and thoughtful way that Steve acted. There could be nothing there and he could be ruining one of the few good friendships he had.
"What do you want it to mean, Tony?" Steve asked, catching the barest hints of Tony's inner turmoil. He'd learned to read the genius, to see the emotions lurking deep in his eyes or the twitch of his mouth.
"Now that's not playing fair, Cap," Tony said lightly, taking a sip of his wine. "I asked first."
Steve saw a slight tremor in Tony's hand and realized the brunette was expecting him to brush it off, brush him off. Suddenly, all the veiled references to 40's politeness and chivalry made sens
:iconremanth:remanth 76 27
All Day 2 - Stony
All Day Part 2- Stony
Tony's P.O.V
"What if I trip and fall?"
"What if I get something stuck in my teeth?"
"What if I say something stupid?"
"Oh god what if I SNORT!" I shouted placing both hands on my head.
"TONY…!" Pepper and Bruce both screamed at the same time causing me to turn around to face them.
"What…?" I asked confused.
"Will you please clam down" Bruce said calmly "your going to have a panic attacks if you don't?"
"And will you please stop pacing…" Pepper said looking over her magazine "your gonna create a hole in Bruce's floor if you don't"
I sighed throwing my self down on to Bruce's giant *now I mean giant* green and purple bean bag "it's easy for you guys to be so clam your not about to embarrass your self in front of the hottest guy in school"
The door bell rang causing me to jump "ill get it…" Bruce said sighing getting up off his bed and walking out of the room.
Bruce's P.O.V
Walking down the stair's towards t
:iconwindrider95:WindRider95 13 11
All Day- Prompt Stony
All day- prompt (stony)
^^This is more than a typical kinda thing
Felt the Jones in my bones when you were touching me, oh
Didn't wanna take it slow
In a daze, going crazed, I can barely think
You're replaying in my brain, find it hard to sleep, oh
Waiting for my phone to blow^^
Waking up I stretch out my sore body. Combing my fingers trough my chocolate brown hair, I let out a tired sigh. Closing my eyes I tried to remember what happened last night.
Okay let's see…I snuck out at around 7...reached Bruce's house around…8...for…his…16th birthday…yea that's right…Partied…hard…Steve. I smiled wildly as I remembered that me, Tony Stark the freshman, the nerd, the 16 year old genius was talking to Steve Roger's last night! We talked for what seemed hours…oh yea he asked me for my number!
I sprang for my phone which oddly was under my bed. Typing in my password my phone lit up. *No new Messages*
I felt my hearth sink, wait, god Tony its only 10 am
:iconwindrider95:WindRider95 16 12
I love you - Stony
"Steve? Hey, Steve?" Tony was looking for the man to finally confess his feelings.
Maybe it wasn´t one of his brightest ideas to do it here, on the party where everyone knew their team and could use it againts them in some way but screw it. He has spent many nights thinking over the man and couldn´t concentrate on his work. He was even blushing like some teenage girl in his presence. He! Tony Stark, blushing.
So here he was pushing himself through the crowd and ignoring everyone. After a few minutes he could see two figures in the distance. One, larger and taller had to be Steve´s and... is he talking to someone?
Tony´s heart was beating wild in his chest.
"Steve...?" Tony froze in his tracks as he saw Steve being kissed by a beautiful, tall, brown- haired woman.
It surprised the man and it took him a moment to realize what was happening. He pushed the woman away immediately and then turned his head after the voice.
"Hahah... Yep. Uh...well. Never mind. I... I´ll leave you two
:icontialdari:tialdari 72 15
Mature content
I Am... : Cap x Iron Man :iconumbrasword:umbrasword 25 15
Mature content
Top 10 things Tony loves about Steve :iconegyptianwings:EgyptianWings 30 19


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